Last, but by no means least, is the Royal Gorge Route Railroad. The second of the standard gauge railroads on this trip that travels from Canon City, CO to Parkdale, CO and back again. On the way to Parkdale we had a great lunch, which gave me the chance to scope out the pictures I wanted to take on the way back to Canon City. The Santa Fe and Denver & Rio Grande Western fought a few court battles all the way to the Supreme Court as to who had trackage rights through the gorge. There is only room for one set of tracks and the D&RGW ultimately won the battle. Passenger service through the gorge stopped in 1967. The owners of the Georgetown Loop railroad resurrected the line in 1999. Check out the hanging bridge and suspension bridge over the highest point over the gorge. Crazy people can zipline or swing out over the gorge at this point. The water line along the wall supplied water to Canon City starting in 1892.